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Women's Ministry

The purpose of the Women’s ministry here at Bethesda is to uphold the ideas of mentoring, coaching, and leading women inside and outside of Bethesda. This will be done by displaying the fruit of the spirit as we interact with each other, other branches of Zion, and in the community. As a ministry we aim to develop women of like faith in order to impact the world by sharing the Christian faith, God’s Love, and principles of discipleship.

Ministry Purpose

women's Ministry Paint Party​

What an awesome time was had; from​ preparing, to setting up, teaching, fellowshipping and of course painting.

God has put all the parts of your life in order. He has arranged and settled every issue in your life that you can comprehend, even your brokenness.  He's got your who​le life in His hands. This means you don't have to be someone else. Be satisfied with the unique person God made you to be. You are customed-made. Uniquely designed!

Glory to God for an Awesome Women's Conference

​"Rise Up and Fix Your Crown"

 Day 1 - Snippets​ of the Women's Conference

A snippet of 'Fix Your Crown' (Full video can be found on YouTube)

Leading into Prayer, Minister Denise Garner

Leading into PraiseSongstress Carolyn Cobbs

Liturgical DanceLive to Worship

Day​ 2 

Closed Session for Attendees Only

Day 3 - Corporate Worship

"The Blood Will Fix It"  Guest Speaker: Pastor Maria Benjamin

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