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Developing eyes and hearts to see, think and respond from God's perspective.

Developing eyes and hearts to see, think and respond from God's perspective.


Prayers of Blessings Over the Congregation.


Celebrating God's Faithfulness

For 145 years, Bethesda Baptist Church has exemplified God’s unwavering faithfulness. Through seasons of joy and sorrow, we have found ourselves anchored in His grace, rejoicing in His steadfast love and provision. Our journey, marked by challenges and losses, has consistently borne witness to God’s faithfulness. As Kingdom Walkers, we are firmly rooted in God’s grace, drawing strength in adversity and solace in times of sorrow. This grace empowers us to share His hope, love, and peace, becoming a guiding light in our community and beyond. We thank God!

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Today's Prayer with
Pastor Juanita A. W. Harrison

Friday, 07/12/2024

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It's Time To Tell Your Family, Friends and Neighbors!

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BBC Disciples, family and friends, we look forward to seeing you Wednesday in the Sanctuary.

For those who absolutely cannot come into the sanctuary, we've got you covered:

*Intercessory Prayer Line
          Dil In:  1-202-926-1129
          Passcode: 853869#
          (Please mute you phone)

* Zoom
          Meeting ID: 876-02672442
          Access Code: 726623

*Live Stream
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 (804) 526-6350

15800 Woods  Edge Road

South Chesterfield, VA 23834

Join Us Every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and 1st Fridays


   9:00am   Church School

10:00am   Corporate Worship


2024 Thematic Thrust: 'Kingdom Walkers

'Transformed from the Inside Out'

                            Matthew 6:33


11:00am Cafe Nuggets

Dial in: (202) 926-1129

PW: 853869


6:00pm  Prayer and Praise

7:00pm  Bible Study

1st Fridays 

LIFT Worship Services

(Living In Faith Together)


Prayer Request


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Give as God has purposed in your heart.

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