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Thank you for agreeing to participate, as one of our many walkers, in the Carroll Anthony Briggs Walk-A-Thon. This Walk-A-Thon allows us to both honor our beloved brother and friend and raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation in Carroll’s honor.

To raise money for the Kidney Foundation we ask that each participant (walker) pull together a team of people to walk with you. Once you have assembled your team, be creative and name your team. Have each member of the team, including yourself, ask family, friends, and co-workers to sponsor them. Sponsors can pledge an amount per mile, such as $5.00 per mile, or pledge a flat fee, such as $50.00.

Getting sponsors should begin as soon as you have made the decision to participate in the Carroll Anthony Briggs Walk-A-Thon.

As the leader of your team, please be sure to keep track of all walkers on your team. We have developed a form to help you with that. This form (see attachment) should also be given to each walker on your team so they too can keep track of the individuals sponsoring them.

The information for each of your sponsors should be entered on the form. This will help you keep track of who has agreed to sponsor you and will assist in following up to be sure pledges have been submitted.

Sponsors may submit their donation via check or Givelify.

Please give each of your team members the ‘Sponsorship Information Form;’ this will assist them in collecting the information for each person who has agreed to sponsor them. Each person on your team can have each of their sponsors enter their pledge directly into Givelify or submit a check to Bethesda Baptist Church with Carroll Anthony Briggs Walk-A-Thon in the notes section of their check.

We appreciate you and thank God for your willingness to be a part of the 2nd Annual Carroll Anthony Briggs Walk-A-Thon.

Forever His Servants,

Gidget Seaborne

Elder Gidget Seaborne, Ministry Lead

Juanita A. W. Harrison

Dr. Juanita A. W. Harrison, Sr. Pastor

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