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Are you born again? If so, then you have received Holy Spirit, and God has given you at least one spiritual gift that is to be used to edify His people and to bring Him glory. If you have found yourself trying to figure out what you should be doing or seeking to find your place in ministry, know that you are not alone. Many are a part of a community of faith and spend years asking the question, “Where do I fit in?” Some attempt to self-solve their dilemma by filling openings, while others choose the sampling technique and decide to try to be a part of every ministry. But today let me encourage you to follow God’s plan.

The first step to following God’s plan is to seek Him. Ask Him the question(s) that you have been asking yourself and others about your spiritual gifting and purpose. Seek God by engaging His Word and learning what He says about spirituals gifts, ministry, and purpose. Invest in your new life in Christ through prayer, study, and meditation. Seek not just to know but to understand. Boldly ask God for wisdom.

Secondly, trust God. Trust God to not only tell you, but to also show you how to walk out what He says. As He reveals to you the specifics of your spiritual gifting, ministry, and purpose understand that He equips and empowers you to walk out your authentic self in Jesus, with grace and by the power of His Holy Spirit. You see what is in you is God given and not something that you have to work toward or earn. What is in you is precious and priceless and must be appreciated as such. The Giver of your new life and all that accompanies it is the only One Who can equip and prepare you.

Finally, beloved, once God reveals the specifics that you need to know about your right now, right here assignment, and you take the time to properly prepare as He directs, walk it out. Do not delay getting in place and moving in ministry the way He has directed, utilizing that which He has graced you with. Know that blessings will overtake you as you dare to be who God has called you to be and do what He has directed you to do. You will find yourself doing more and yet feel no ways tired. Why? Because you will not be toiling in your own strength but relying upon the mighty power within. You are able to walk confidently with the blessed assurance that you were built for whatever God has given you to do.

Much Love,

God’s Peace,

Pastor Harrison

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